Executive Coaching for Performance (ECP-C) Certificate


The ECP is the first formal course the participants will attend as part of becoming a professional coach. The course is accredited to ILM Level 3 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. It is a concise qualification made up of six modules of which four are mandatory modules, which introduce the key aspects of coaching in the workplace. These modules are spread over two days, delivered by experienced coach trainers. The modules are:

  • ‘Understanding good practice in workplace coaching’;
  • ‘Organizing workplace coaching’;
  • ‘Undertaking supervised coaching in the workplace’;
  • ‘Undertaking an extended period of supervised coaching in the workplace’

In addition, you will need to complete 40 hours of workplace coaching sessions with your own staff. You and the people you coach, and this forms part of a portfolio of evidence required for the certification evaluate each coaching session. You also need to complete a short assignment, keep a coaching diary and develop an assessed personal development plan and reflective log.

By the end of the course, you will:

Understand the role of the workplace coach
Be able to self-access a variety of interpersonal communication skills
Give effective feedback to learners
Understand the range and value of different learning resources that support safe and effective coaching
Gain practical skills in how to monitor and record learner progress
Plan, organize and undertake workplace coaching sessions
Monitor/review your own workplace coaching performance
Further develop and improve your planning, organizing and evaluating your workplace coaching

Who should attend?

Young leaders

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Qualification Overview

  • Extended Workplace Coaching for 40 hours;
  • Attain 80% marks in Internal and External Examinations;
  • Reflect on their Workplace Coaching skills and duly submit evidence of these recordings, videos, Coaching journals, coaching diary etc;
  • Final Certification subject to successfully completing all above mentioned evaluation and attendance parameters.


• 10 hours of training per day.
• a spot quiz (paper and pen test) to evaluate participant’s understanding of the Units discussed at the end of every day.
• minimum mark required to pass is 8/10 or 80% .
• 4 hours (2 sessions x 2 hours) of Online group coaching through Skype or Go to meeting by one of our Coach trainers.


To be announced.

Customer Type ECP (EUROS) Installments
Corporate Contact for a quote Not applicable
Individual Contact for a quote 375×2 payments

Certifications and Qualifications

Participants on completing the course successfully will be issued with the following certifications:

  • Executive Coaching for Performance certificate from ILM and Corpstrat.
  • 18 CPD Points from CPD and letter of recommendation to a professional coaching body (EMCC*, ICF*) for membership enrollment.
  • Certificate of Completion from Corpstrat Academy for Learning, Leadership and Mentoring (C.A.L.L.M.), UK.
  •  Post-nominal letters (e.g. Mr. Your name. AInstLM / Ms. Your name. AInstLM) as appropriate. ***
  • Upon enrolment participants will be given a one-year membership to ILM and can use all the free resources that are available there.

*  Conditions apply as per the certifying / enrolling organization and not dependent on Corpstrat Consulting SRL’s conditions.

*** Additional costs apply

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