To become a great leader, you must find your inner compass. This program prompts you to align your motivations, values, ethics, and leadership style so you can become a more confident, trusted, capable, and fulfilled leader.
This program prepares you to embrace increasing leadership responsibility ­ and success ­ throughout your career. You will learn how to lead under pressure, champion change, build teams, and develop your leadership style.

Key benefits:

Develop Self ­awareness and emotional intelligence
Understand leadership in a global setting
Become effective in leading anywhere in the world
Learn how to lead with integrity through difficult challenges
Recognize how leadership style impacts culture and performance
Drive change to further your organization’s strategy
Explore the role life experiences play in your development as a futuristic leader
Create a balanced leadership development plan

Participant’s Course of Study

Over the course of an engrossing journey, participants will examine the strengths and weaknesses of their personal leadership style. This Leadership program leverages lessons in leadership from today’s top companies as well as your inner resources and innate skills to help you become a more effective leader.

Faculty lectures, self assessment tools, videos, group discussions, and workshops provide a rich learning experience that uses introspection to unleash the power of your unique vision of leadership. The program encourages you to combine these insights with the latest research and best practices to tackle the toughest challenges you face in business.

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Being a good leader requires some degree of introspection. You will gain a deeper appreciation for your personal leadership style by:

  • Exploring the differences between leadership and management
  • ­ Studying the advantages and disadvantages of differing leadership styles ­ Investigating the challenges of sharing leadership responsibilities

Effective communication is a hallmark of a good leader. The program improves your communication skills by:

  • ­  Showing you how to communicate more effectively, whether you are delivering complex information, managing a crisis, or advocating a position
  • ­  Using nontraditional techniques such as theater and storytelling in order to expand your communication skills
  • ­  Coaching in areas that will improve your ability to handle difficult situations



Inspiring and motivating a team is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. By leveraging your core leadership skills, this part of the program explores diverse topic areas, including:

  • ­  Benchmarking and improving the effectiveness of your team
  • ­  Enabling factors you need to guide teams to greater productivity
  • ­  Confronting the pressures, complexities ­ and rewards ­ of team culture
  • ­  Championing diversity within the team, and getting the most value from individual differences
  • ­  Maximizing creativity

Emerging leaders are often called on to implement large­scale changes within the organization to align with new market initiatives or strategies. Topics to be addressed include:

  • ­  Fostering a climate that inspires change in the organization through personal leadership style, positive mindset, and individual action
  • ­  Aligning culture, strategy, and structure to accelerate organizational change and improve performance


After the program ends, the faculty will also encourage you to work toward achieving the leadership goals that you established during the program. You will be able to use your close network of peers for guidance with ongoing leadership challenges.