Corporate Vocational Institute

What is CVI

CVI is the first of its kind “Business Acumen Academy” launched by C.A.L.L.M in association with reputed Strategic Partners and Universities across the world

CVI is the result of two decades of global experience in developing thoughtful business leaders, for organizations who believe that ‘conscious’ businesses can contribute to making our world better

The Objective

is to raise the profile of continuing higher education in the workplace by developing thoughtful business leaders, for organizations who believe that ‘conscious’ businesses will contribute to making our world better. CVI will build Leadership and Coaching communities with character, competence and cheerful enthusiasm.

Where are we now?

CALLM is an ILM, CMI, LPI, BCC, AQR, and Inner Game certified center. Our courses are CPD accredited. With offices in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Asia, our global team of facilitators, from 14 Nationalities and a combined life experience over 200 years, are much sought after to make the difference to the participants.

We have a full range of tried and tested vocational education programmes that have been delivered to global audiences to deliver significant business impacts and highly favourable feedback.

The CVI Value Proposition

Utilizing over 25 years of global business education, and coaching expertise C.A.L.L.M has developed the C.A.L.L.M Corporate Vocational Institute (CVI) which is designed to transform career development education both during campus to corporate transition, and in the workplace.

CVI offers organizations and business managers access to a suite of globally accredited vocational continuing education programmes in Coaching, Management and Leadership to ILM Level 3 and Level 5 UK Qualifications, as BCC Certified Coach and CMI Recognized Managers or Coaches.

The programmes will focus on three core areas of competence:
  • Developing the leadership and Entrepreneurship skills for today’s organizations
  • Growing the coaching and mentoring capabilities in managers and leaders
  • Equipping leaders and managers to embed a learning culture within their organizations

CVI programmes offer new and emerging managers and leaders a range of globally accredited programmes that are both affordable, and fully relevant to their own career aspirations as well as the demands and expectations of their employers. CALLM has utilized over 250 years of accumulated business and leadership expertise from a community of international practitioners to create the CVI programmes and which have now been fully proven through extensive use in Balkans for the last two years.